NEW RELEASE – Songbirds Echoing in the Forest

Songbirds Echoing in the Forest - Sounds by Knight

Fill your sense with the beautiful sounds of birds singing in the forest by a gentle wilderness stream. The cheerful musical sounds of playful songbirds will both make you smile and soothe your soul. . .

May 17, 2016 and the songbirds were in full spring mode. I headed to Boyer Chute NWR and set up camp for the day. I had my Sennheiser MKH8040ST ORTF mics attached to a tripod and set up in different locations, some deep under the forest canopy, then out in the open area trying to capture the sounds of the refuge. My best recordings came from just inside the fringe of the forest where I was able to get some nice echoing sounds. Continue reading

Take a Journey Through Space with our New Release!

Journey Through Space

Living in the Star Trek, Star Wars era I was always fascinated with how a spaceship traveling across the Galaxy would sound like. In “2001 – A Space Odyssey”, Stanley Kubrick took particular care in trying to accurately simulate the sounds of the inside of a spaceship… and did a pretty good job especially when space travel was so new back then!

With so many great movies with awesome sound effects, how could I create such a feat beings I’ve never even been close to space (unless you count traveling at 30,000 ft in a jet… but that’s another sound!). Continue reading

NEW RELEASE – Autumn Winds & Wind Chimes!

Autumn Winds

Adding to our collect is “Autumn Winds & Wind Chimes”

Enjoy the relaxing sounds of a Midwestern autumn breeze blowing through the trees. Listen as the wind blow through the leaves, releasing their final grip on the branches and scurry across the ground… the haunting sound of wind chimes can be heard playing their tune off in the distance.

This album was recorded in a open field surrounded by beautifully colored trees.  Winds were blowing 30 to 50 mph making for some great howling sounds through the limbs and leaves getting blown across the landscape.  The biggest challenge was trying to keep the wind from effecting the mics… and me from getting blown away!

I really enjoyed making this recording and hope you enjoy it too!
Let me know what you think,
Brian Knight

Sounds by Knight


Union Pacific 844 – The passing of an Era…

Union Pacific Steam Locomotive 844 passed through town this week on it’s way to Arkansas for the 150th Shiloh Civil War Anniversary “Shiloh Limited Steam Special”.

I was 16 when I had my first chance to chase the Northern class 4-8-4, 844… back then it was plated as “8444”. Driving across Nebraska in a beat up VW Beetle, I would race 8444 to the next town so I could try and get a recording of it high-balling out of town.
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Finding Sounds in the Strangest of Places

The last week in February my mum went in for hip surgery at the Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital in Omaha. As you walk through the front door, the first thing you notice/hear is this huge, beautiful water fountain off to the right in the main lobby.

Nebraska Ortho Hospital by Sounds by Knight

The sounds pouring from this 1 1/2 story tall fountain was just begging to be recorded! So, with a little finagling I was able to get permission to bring my audio equipment in and do a sound recording after the main lobby closed! Being the good son that I am:), I went to visit my dear mum the next night with my recording equipment in hand.

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