NEW RELEASE! – Distant Trains Echoing in the Rain Vol. 2 & 3

Distant Trains II

After two years of capturing just the right train sounds, I’m glad to announce the release of:
“Distant Trains Echoing in the Rain” Vol.2 & 3

This all started when I posted a sound video on YouTube “Distant Trains Echoing in the Rain” back in 2012. I’ve been a lifelong railfanner and have recorded countless hours of train sounds but most of my recordings were sounds of locomotives close up “in your face” type of recordings (not very relaxing for many).

Right away I started getting requests (lots of requests!) to buy this recording but never offered it for sale because of its short play time… this is when I started my new train sounds project.
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Union Pacific 844 – The passing of an Era…

Union Pacific Steam Locomotive 844 passed through town this week on it’s way to Arkansas for the 150th Shiloh Civil War Anniversary “Shiloh Limited Steam Special”.

I was 16 when I had my first chance to chase the Northern class 4-8-4, 844… back then it was plated as “8444”. Driving across Nebraska in a beat up VW Beetle, I would race 8444 to the next town so I could try and get a recording of it high-balling out of town.
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