Take a Journey Through Space with our New Release!

Journey Through Space

Living in the Star Trek, Star Wars era I was always fascinated with how a spaceship traveling across the Galaxy would sound like. In “2001 – A Space Odyssey”, Stanley Kubrick took particular care in trying to accurately simulate the sounds of the inside of a spaceship… and did a pretty good job especially when space travel was so new back then!

With so many great movies with awesome sound effects, how could I create such a feat beings I’ve never even been close to space (unless you count traveling at 30,000 ft in a jet… but that’s another sound!).

Simple, just slow down everyday sounds.

Whaaaaat? Yup, In this release I used several different sounds taken from field recordings… train air compressor, thunder, wind blowing through wires and so on. Slowing the sounds (sometimes way down) and layering in the different effects gives the piece a more organic, evolving feeling. The sound is in a constant state of change… just like a cars engine as you travel down the highway. No synthesizer or a noise generator were used.

Now you can relax to the wonderful deep, ambient drone sounds of a spaceship traveling across the galaxy without ever leaving your home!
Give our “Journey Through Space” a test drive with this sample from SoundCloud:

We hope you will enjoy this “Space Odyssey” as much as we have in making it!
As always, let me know what you think,
Brian Knight

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