NEW RELEASE – Autumn Winds & Wind Chimes!

Autumn Winds

Adding to our collect is “Autumn Winds & Wind Chimes”

Enjoy the relaxing sounds of a Midwestern autumn breeze blowing through the trees. Listen as the wind blow through the leaves, releasing their final grip on the branches and scurry across the ground… the haunting sound of wind chimes can be heard playing their tune off in the distance.

This album was recorded in a open field surrounded by beautifully colored trees.  Winds were blowing 30 to 50 mph making for some great howling sounds through the limbs and leaves getting blown across the landscape.  The biggest challenge was trying to keep the wind from effecting the mics… and me from getting blown away!

I really enjoyed making this recording and hope you enjoy it too!
Let me know what you think,
Brian Knight

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