New Release… Relaxing Gentle Stream!

Relaxing Gentle StreamWe have added another great title to our Collection…

“Relaxing Gentle Stream”

Recorded in Rocky Mountain National Park at Fall River Creek in Endo Valley.   This creek starts high in the Trail Ridge alpine and winds its way down through Endo Valley where it finally meets up with the Big Thompson River.

I was able to get special permission from the park ranger to re-enter this part of the park after closing to capture the sounds of the creek without any people around. I set the mics up along the rocky bank and let the recorder run for several hours throughout the night. I returned the next day and recorded at the same location using a hydrophone mic placed in the water to capture the gurgling sounds. I then mixed this in with the open air recording creating a very “open” dynamic recording.
SD702 - Hydrophone


I hope you enjoy this unique
Gentle Stream SoundScape!
Brian Knight

Sounds by Knight

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