Licensing Personal/Commercial Use:

Any recording that you purchase are for “Personal Use” only. This means you can listen to our recordings uninstructed on any device without any restrictions.

You may not use our recordings for personal or commercial use to combine the RECORDINGS with graphics, or sound elements to create any media product/production or distribution. This includes a media product/production for TV, film, web, multimedia, podcasting, music video, embedding in video games and most other applications. For this you will need to obtain a “End User License Agreement”.

For personal projects (Non Profit), you will still need to acquire a “End User License Agreement”. This agreement will have certain limitations that you must adhere to in order to use our recordings for free in your project.

For commercial use (For Profit), we offer affordable licenses depending on the how the recordings will be used.

Please consider that our work is not only protected by copyright, it is our livelihood. If you wish to add value to your project by incorporating one of our recordings, please contact us using the Contact Form below for a affordable Commercial Usage License.

Thank you!
Brian Knight
Sounds by Knight


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